Thursday, October 9, 2014

What Animals Can Teach Us

“If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans.” 

This week, I have been surrounded by loving animals. My boyfriend Andy's mom has three dogs and some horses. Yesterday, she took me horse-back riding. The connection I was able to feel from riding a gentle horse was amazing. As we rode through the beautiful landscape, I begin to go inward and discover what this horse I was riding on could teach me about my own life. I know I am going through a transition in my life, after spending a year abroad and then coming back into the states, I am given an opportunity to decide what I want in life. So as I rode this beautiful horse named Faith (which I found to be a perfect name for me), I realized the grace, patience, and self confidence that a horse possesses. You can learn through horse how to find more simplicity in your life. Simplicity brings joy, love and presence into our lives. How can you make your life more simple? 

This week I have been focusing also on grounding myself. Being around three loving dogs have helped with this process. There are so many things that dogs can teach us about life. One being, we can always overcome fear with love. Love is all that dogs know besides eating, sleeping, and running around. They just want love in every aspect of their lives. Shouldn't we focus on the same? I also love how expressive dogs are, they jump for joy when they feel it and they play EVERYday, we can too! Dogs are loyal and dependable which is something we should strive to be in our loving relationships with people. A health lesson I have learned from dogs as well is drink lots of water. Dogs love water....I love water. Water is truly the essence of life. 

I urge everyone to spend time with animals as often as they can. They can truly teach us such simple but important lessons about our lives. 

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